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Do., 19. Okt.



Lost in Lona - Angela Esmeralda Santoceano

Jazz Soul Vocal

Lost in Lona - Angela Esmeralda Santoceano
Lost in Lona - Angela Esmeralda Santoceano

Zeit & Ort

19. Okt. 2023, 19:00

Zürich, Wasserwerkstrasse 21, 8006 Zürich, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

Lost in Lona (CH)

Intimate piano melodies, catchy guitar sounds and crystal clear vocals embedded in five soulful indie pop songs: On their first EP, "Lost in Lona", the duo from Basel tells stories of enduring and overcoming personal and social crises. When darkness and melancholy lie like a veil over the world, Lost in Lona draw hope from it and create music that takes you by the hand on your walk through the storm.

Lost in Lona consists of Lidia Beck and Konstantin Aebli. Their EP "Lost in Lona" tells of dark times and deals with heavy topics. But there is always something hopeful in the fragile, something comforting in the songs of Lost in Lona. It is the crystal clear vocals, the jazzy piano elements, the driving and erupting guitar riffs that make the debut EP an amazing testimony to a (still) young band history.

Lidia Beck, voc

Konstantin Aebli, guitar

Catherine Tang, keys

Luca Glausen, drums 


Angela Esmeralda Santoceano (IT)

Angela Esmeralda is a southern Italian-born singer, songwriter and composer who has established herself as one of the most expressive voices, capable of a charge of power and elegance that is breathtaking even in the personality of her songs. Over the years she has created and collaborated on projects that have led her to represent Italian blues in the USA, Memphis TN with the Angela Esmeralda & Sebastiano Lillo project for the International Blues Challenge international finals and at the European Blues Challenge European finals in the Azores Islands with The Drive. 

Since 2019 she has been permanently collaborating with saxophonist and composer Gaetano Partipilo, whose personal sound and advanced improvisational concepts have led him to become a prominent figure among jazz fans and critics, in the crossover jazz project Boom Collective with Federico Pecoraro, Seby Burgio, and Dario Congedo.

With more than five albums under her belt as a leader and collaborator, Angela Esmeralda has graced stages such as Pistoia Blues, the Bellinzona Blues Festival, JazzTempo in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Fest Jazza in Croatia, the Italian Cultural Institutes in Portugal and Albania and many more. 

SANTOCEANO is the project with which she is completely facing up to her music and an audience of her own. A vortex of music at once sanguine and intimate. 

Angela Esmeralda, voc

Francesco Schepisi, keys

Marco Menchise, bass

Silvio Annese, drums



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